Friday, 9 March 2018

Good Bye Big Tree 😂

An exciting day today watching the brave men cutting down our tallest tree.


  1. Did you see all the safety equipment the men were using when they were cutting down the tree? Why do you think they have to use all those safety equipment Room 4?

  2. It was really sad to have the tree being cut down and I know Glenbrae has had some good memories under that tree. I hope everyone was safe and we will always remember that tree.

  3. Seeing one our precious trees getting cut down was definitely very sad. But it was only for safety reasons. Like Mrs Tofa has asked, why do you think they had to use all those safety equipment?

  4. Hi Room 4,

    It was sad to watch the tree be cut down but I know that it was for safety reasons. Hopefully everyone will still remember that tree.

  5. Hi Room 4,!
    It was so sad seeing the tree being cut down! But like Telesia pointed out,it was for safety reasons... Although it was very hard seeing the tree being cut down,I really found it satisfying! Did you?

  6. Hello Room 4!
    It was very sad having our big tree get cut down by workers. It's a good thing to cut the tree so that it won't attract the lightning to the school and hurt little kids. How did you feel when the tree got cut down?